The Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw Committee has released the following list of rules, which will govern the Throw on Labor Day Weekend at Marion Park in Prairie du Sac. The rules vary, some fun, some serious. Either way, the Chip Judge has the final say.


1. Two chips to each contestant. Chip thrown the farthest shall be the only one counted. If the chip breaks up in the throw, then the piece going the farthest will be counted.

2. Contestants in the Men’s and Women’s divisions must be at least 16 years old.

3. Chips shall be at least 6 inches in diameter.

9638464619 78dbd93c48 z4. Contestants must select their chips from the wagon-load provided by the official Meadow Muffin Committee. To alter, or shape in any way, chips selected from the wagon (except in rare instances where a loose fragment may be removed, provided the removal does not render the chip less than 6 inches in diameter) subjects the contestant to a 25-foot penalty. Decision of the Chip Judge will be final.

5. Contestants will be registered and numbered at the official registration table and must be ready when their number is called.

6. When throwing, gloves will not be allowed.

7. To get a better hold on your chip, you may lick your fingers before you throw.
(This is optional.)


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