Parade Rules

  1. A $25 entry fee must be paid at registration.
  2. Deadline for registration is August 13, 2013 or until we have 75 registrants (past years have seen over 100 entries).
  3. No late or on-site registrations will be accepted.
  4. No throwing or spraying of water. Do not throw anything that will melt to the pavement. (i.e. crayons)
  5. No throwing of candy from moving vehicles. However, people walking along the parade route may pass out candy.
  6. Limit of 2 units per business/organization.
  7. All groups that want to do demonstrations must be on a flatbed truck or trailer.
  8. No political units or flyers allowed. However, they may walk along the parade route to shake hands and greet constituents.

Parade Form

Download the Parade form. (THIS IS FULL FOR 2014, we are not accepting any more entries). Thank you!

Parade Time

Wisconsin State Cow Chip & Festival Parade starts at NOON Saturday of Labor Day weekend.


2014 Parade Route Change

(Due to contruction on Grand Avenue)

We discussed possible routes with our best recommendation: Hemlock & Sycamore St Intersection the parade starts going down on Sycamore which runs into 13th Street, turning right on Grand Avenue, going past the tennis courts, past the entrance to the HS parking lot, and turning right on 9th Street just past the High School parking lot. Going 1 block on 9th Street, turning left onto Ray Street. Going down to Madison Street turning left and going the one block back to Grand Avenue and turning right until First Street, turning right on First Street to Lincoln Avenue. The committee felt it would be the least amount of change for our parade participants (particular semis in the parade). Thank you all for your understanding due to delay of Grand Avenue construction. Please view the map link below, the blue route indicates this year’s Parade Route.

Click on Google Map link for Parade Route Change indicated in Blue

Any questions please contact Parade Coordinator via e-mail.