Tickets $2 (blue) and $1 (orange)

Hoop It Up
1 (blue Ticket) to play.
Single play, Double play, and Bonus Double play.

With two players timed 2 minute who gets the most basket wins.  
Single play you get 5 shots if you make 3 win prize, 4 better prize, 5 top prize.  
Double bonus try and beat the house #33 (80% accuracy)!!  

Unofficial regulated free throw distance.
Organized by Boys Baseball Club.

Pool Bowling
1 (blue ticket) or 2 (orange tickets) to play.
6 lanes with 10 holes.  

You roll the 7 Pool balls up and the first to get all of them in the holes calls STRIKE! Definitely takes a technique.  This game can play with 2 players as well but will push to having at least 3 to start a game.

Smaller prizes for less players. Each play is a .  
No practices allow, game will start with the ring of the cow bell!!

Organized by Blister Sisters fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis.

Cowlick Tree
1 (orange ticket) to play.
100 dumb dumbs, Inside one of the dumb dumb sucker is  blue colored tip which is the Grand Prize!
Red color tip is 2nd prize
Pink color tip is 3rd prize.

If tip is not colored you get to keep the sucker!
Organized by Girls Softball

Dunk Tank (Saturday only)
1 (blue ticket to play)
You get 3 throws per play.

Starting at 9 a.m. on the hour, a different celebrity you can dunk!

Click here to view Sauk Prairie Celebrity List

Organized by Class of 2017

Bean Bag Toss Game
(FREE GAME at anytime!)
Cow Face and Rear to toss bean bag into.
Small Toss game available for smaller children.

Coloring/Project Station
Coloring, play-doh, and projects for kids.
Parents there will be rest area while you wait.

Jump Rope Creation Station
$8-12 per child
Organized by Jenna McCann



Hoop It Up

Pool Bowling

Bean Toss

Dunk Tank

Cowlick Tree