Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Sauk Prairie Dunk TankThe Class of 2017 is trying to raise $1,000 in one day via the Celebrity Dunk Tank at Cow Chip.  The list of Sauk Prairie celebrities is listed below…

Celebrity Dunkees:

9am:      Cliff Thompson, Superintendent of Schools

10am:    Joel Chrisler, High School Teacher, Football Coach & Max Performance Instructor

11am:    Paul Zech, High School Senior & Football Quarterback

12:00 – 1:00:  Break for Parade

1pm:      Chad Harnisch, High School Principal

2pm:      Aaron Braund, Athletic Director

3pm:      Farit Azamar, Amazing “All thing Sauk Prairie” supporter…graduated in 2014 but does tons of charity work.

4pm:      Ted Harter, Middle School Principal

5pm:      CJ Williams, Senior &  Football Player

6pm:      McKenzie Hallings, Senior Class President

7pm:      Zach Niemi, Senior, Football & Wrestling

8pm:      Eddie Smith, Junior,  State Qualifier Wrestler